When Optimism is Sky-High, Almost No One Worries About Debt. Yet that's EXACTLY the time to worry. Think back to … … 2007, when lenders were offering subprime mortgages left and right. Why? They were confident the loans would be repaid. They were confident in the economy. They were confident that stocks would keep rallying. But, trend changes arrive when they are the least expected. You know the rest of the story: The Great Recession turned out to be the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. That said: EWI sees evidence that there's MORE to worry about today versus 2007. You may be HIGHLY TEMPTED to brush off this warning. Don't. Remember, ALMOST NO ONE sounded a timely alarm in 2007 -- but, the record shows that EWI did! Now, learn why EWI's analysts are sounding the alarm, again -- RISK-FREE! To get you up to speed fast, we've created the 2018 Investor Prep Pack. It gives you $237 worth of starter resources, 100% free. Other investors have found the 2018 Investor Prep Pack to be the best way to quickly acclimate to the current market environment. Start Your Risk-Free Subscription Now One month of Financial Forecast Service, plus your FREE 2018 Investor Prep Pack (a $237 Value) for $59!